I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people, brands, and organizations over the years. Meet them!

Yoga and Coaching
Allyson Pfeifer (Yoga)
Angela Leigh (Pure Leigh Living)
Elisa Miller (This Big Bold Life)
Jacki Carr (Goals On The Rocks)
Jen Rulon (Triathlon and Strength Coach)
Mary Beth LaRue (Yoga and Coaching)
Rock Your Bliss (Yoga and Coaching)
Shayna Hiller (Health)

Human Country Jukebox
Jack Gregori
One Session
The Kora Records

Art and Design
James M. Davie Design Inc. (Residential Interior Design)
Wilhelm Staehle (Silhouette Masterpiece Theater)

The Farley Project

Free Agency Showroom
Soul Expression Attire
Westside Distribution

Video and Film
Bellevue Entertainment
Dreamer Entertainment
Winged Vision

Lifestyle and Services
Nicole Amaral Hair